Our commitment

A lot has changed since the foundation of the company in 1893. Customer expectations have risen, the range of products on offer has multiplied and transport routes have become more modern and efficient.

But something has remained the same since then:

A manageable company with personality, which serves every single customer individually and with care.

As a private and independent company we are flexible and adaptable. We implement new ideas and customers wishes dynamically and with a willingness to take risks.

„With our actions we contribute to the success of our customers. Our many years of experience are both obligation and guarantee.“ David Aecherli

200 employees are proud to fulfil the wishes of our approximately 1600 customers in Central Switzerland. Per year we distribute about 12 000 tons of fruit and vegetables, frozen and dairy products with a cleverly devised system.



  • 1893

    The company “Andreas di Gallo – Tropical fruit, Comestibles und Wines“ is entered in the Lucerne Commercial Register on 13 July. Soon, a cart with eight horses are taken to the market and to customers in the surrounding area.

  • 1920

    The first motorised van, a „Bianchi“ – thanks to it, the delivery area can be extended to Zug, Sursee, Nidwalden and even further.

  • 1922

    Di Gallo builds the first banana ripening plant in Central Switzerland.

  • 1930

    The product range is supplemented by the commissioning of a peanut roasting plant.

  • 1937

    Generation change: Albert di Gallo, one of the four sons, takes over the management of the wholesale business.

    The company is constantly modernised by the installation of a cooling system and the expansion of the fleet of vehicles. Although two world wars, economic crises and trade restrictions sometimes slow down the growth.

  • 1953

    The third generation is entering the business. The sons Albert and Mario are share the responsability with the senior boss.


  • 1972

    The business premises on Habsburgerstrasse in Lucerne are slowly becoming tight.  Modern buildings increasingly enclose the company. Di Gallo acquires the property on Buzibachstrasse 15 in Rothenburg.

  • 1977

    Moving to Rothenburg.

  • 1991

    Di Gallo brothers sell the company to their managing director Werner Kuster. He gives the members of the management a financial stake in the company.

  • 1993

    Di Gallo becomes MUNDO AG. Only the name changes, the people and philosophy remain.

  • 1996

    Expansion of the product range to include frozen and dairy products for the catering trade. Order entry and warehouse management are converted to EDP.

  • 2002

    Walter Aecherli takes over the majority of shares from Werner Kuster.

  • 2003

    Construction of the air-conditioned and humidified commissioning hall.

  • 2005

    The most modern banana ripening plant in Switzerland goes into operation. The product range is supplemented by dairy products for the retail trade, and the infrastructure is adapted accordingly.

  • 2006

    Construction of a new cold store for dairy products: Storage and order picking in the refrigerated room guarantee that the cold chain is maintained without interruption.

  • 2009

    – Expansion to include the cold store for ready-to-cook products.
    – Construction of an additional wet cooler: leafy salads and leafy vegetables are stored at 3° C and 100% humidity
    – The freezer is enlarged by 650 m3
    – The building shell is newly insulated and additional office space is created. Thanks to a heat recovery system, it will be possible to dispense with supplied heating energy for the offices.
    – The vehicles are equipped with modern temperature monitoring. This continuously transmits the temperatures of the various climate zones from the vehicle and can thus be monitored via PC.

  • 2013

    – David Aecherli takes over the majority of shares and management of Walter Aecherli.
    – A major expansion: an underground car park with 81 employee parking spaces, 1423 m2 of deep-freeze storage space, 891 m2 of refrigerated storage space, 1412 m2 of refrigerated cargo space with 18 docking stations and an additional upper floor of 2227 m2, which can later be converted to its actual purpose.

  • 2016

    We are shooting our first image film. We show what happens at our company within 24 hours.


  • 2017

    – The first in-house exhibition. From 30 April to 2 May we open our doors and welcome around 900 customers. They get an insight into our “fruit and vegetable world” and get to know our suppliers.
    – Mundo goes online – the company Sensational programs a webshop for us, which is exactly tailored to the needs of our customers. Clarity and user-friendliness are important to us. On August 11th we are starting with a new homepage.
    – We successfully pass two certifications: in spring the BIO certification and in autumn ISO 22000, both of which we have made available for you online under Download.
    – The trading company Gebrüder Rölli AG, which has been established in the local hospitality industry for 100 years, is about to invest heavily in its location. It has decided to transfer its entire trading operations to MUNDO AG from 1 November. It is of great importance to us to secure the approximately 30 jobs and to continue to supply customers with the flexibility and personality they are accustomed to.

  • 2018

    We are expanding the office space. Our sales manager and the field service get a new office.

    In order to be more independent and self-determined in the future, we invest in our own production for kitchen-ready products. Logistics channels are eliminated, additional jobs are created, reaction times are improved and we have all processing steps in our own hands.

    On 13 July we celebrate 125 years of MUNDO AG.

  • 2019

    Construction of a 263 m2 intermediate storage facility for uncooled products.

  • 2020

    Reassessment of the distribution of shares: the shareholder base of MUNDO AG now consists of 13 employees.